September 22, 2021

Minne Sotais

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Afghanistan and the record of intelligence failures – assessment

The sudden tumble of Kabul and Afghanistan to the Taliban months or months prior to even some of the worst-circumstance eventualities predicted can be added to the record of key intelligence failures that have impacted Israel and the US in recent many years.
From the tumble of Afghanistan, to at minimum two wars Israel unintentionally fought with Hamas, to 9/11, to Pearl Harbor and other main occasions, selected styles arise regarding mega-intelligence failures.

Earlier formal studies by intelligence analysts and by exterior watchdog businesses these types of as the Condition Comptroller’s Place of work have discovered at least 3 repeat challenges, even with the smartest and most technologically innovative intelligence apparatuses.

CH-46 Sea Knight military services transportation helicopter flies above Kabul, Afghanistan (credit score: REUTERS/STRINGER)

Bubble contemplating

Like any massive institution, Israel’s a few big intelligence companies, and America’s 17 companies led by the CIA, there is usually a trouble of even the smartest persons slipping prey to the exact same misunderstandings. No matter if it is for the reason that analysts want to healthy in and progress, or regardless of whether they simply just arrive to the exact conclusions because they are interacting with comparable constrained data and in a equivalent bubble-natural environment, numerous misses start out with this situation.

The legislation of averages

Most intelligence analysts thrive on moderate predictions. This way, if they are improper, they are just mistaken like everybody else, but not specifically humiliated as an unique. In contrast, if they make wild predictions that are outside the house the regulation of averages and what most analysts are indicating, and they are incorrect, their vocation can be wrecked. These incentives discourage daring predictions even when analysts may possibly see a important improve above the horizon.

Limited-time period target

In most intelligence communities there is a large amount of money of speedy and small-time period info for forecasting limited-term tendencies day-to-day and month-to-thirty day period. Intelligence analysts will typically acknowledge that the amount and mother nature of this info mixed by continuous operational issues and requests from the political course direct to emphasizing short-time period views in excess of extended-term outlooks. This indicates that a lot of analysts are much less probably to be stunned by missing a day-to-working day shift, but are more possible to miss out on or downplay paradigm shifts that entirely undo all of their carefully calibrated shorter-phrase products and forecasts.


Politicians, and from time to time those delivering them with intelligence analyses, do not like to be advised inconvenient truths. Even though US President Joe Biden has a much more common and open method for getting assessment than his predecessor, Donald Trump, he is even now human, and it is quite doable that he pushed formally or informally for rosier predictions in Afghanistan.

WHAT ARE some concrete illustrations of how these failures played out?

Gaza War 2021

A steady mountain of Israeli intelligence estimates, supported by almost 7 years of knowledge, indicated that Hamas would not threat a war with Israel by a rash motion this sort of as when it fired rockets on Jerusalem. Centered on a backward-wanting assessment, this consensus skipped that Hamas leaders were rising cumulatively frustrated with acquiring unsuccessful to attain a far better financial scenario. The examination also missed that these leaders’ self-confidence was accumulating that Israel would again down from a wide war as lengthy as Hamas’s rocket hearth was small-lived, even if the concentrate on, Jerusalem, was provocative.

Gaza War 2014

Similarly to in 2021, nearly a few years of reviews and practical experience indicated Hamas was deterred from a wide war with Israel. Once again, the bulk of Israeli analysts downplayed the minority analysts’ issues that the financial problem was so lousy that, on a cumulative basis, Hamas may well have come to be so determined, it would triumph over its fear of Israeli retaliation.

Hezbollah and Hamas tunnel threat

Right up until Hamas properly ambushed numerous Israeli convoys all through the 2014 Gaza War, the IDF dealt with the tunnel threat as way too insignificant to invest sizeable money or strength into conquering. Only soon after those people embarrassments and many many years of billions of dollars in investment did the IDF finally triumph at undermining Hamas and Hezbollah’s tunnel asymmetric warfare edge.


Phony intelligence prompt that the routine had an state-of-the-art nuclear application. The administration of George W. Bush overtly intervened in the intelligence-evaluation system and cherry-picked facts supporting their thesis that Iraq had an innovative nuclear weapons method in get to aid their need to invade. There have been numerous other reasons for why the administration wished to invade Iraq, but the political interventions in the intelligence system to existing the UN and the US Congress with evidence of a critical potential nuclear weapons menace was a large part of what led to the essential political assistance for the invasion.

9/11 surprise

A absence of creativity blended with a failure of information-sharing concerning US intelligence businesses remaining the US completely exposed to the September 11, 2001, terrorist assault on New York and the Washington, DC, space. A bigger readiness for a paradigm shift and getting jihadists public threats a lot more critically would have left the US superior defended and well prepared.

Vietnam War defeat

US intelligence at the time did not even remotely consider that the world’s super-ability could be defeated by an amateurish and deeply technologically inferior opponent. When progress was not staying manufactured, several intelligence officers concentrated on the selection of bombs staying dropped on the Vietnamese day-to-working day as opposed to whether any strategic change was getting obtained.

Pearl Harbor surprise

This is examined as a single of the very first big failures of the modern day intelligence period in which American vanity basically did not consider severely the probability that the thought-to-be inferior Japanese would have the audacity to mount a pre-emptive strike in opposition to the US naval base in Hawaii. There were warnings from a minority of analysts, but they ended up immediately dismissed as so unlikely as to border on fantasy.