May 18, 2022

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Pamplin Media Team – Summerfield men’s golfing happenings

The two the Chapman No. 4 and Club Championship are coming up in July and August, respectively.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Chapman #4: Sign up July 7 to July 27. Perform Aug. 2 with two-gentleman partners. Sign up until July 7 with play established for July 14 and 16.

Club Championship: Sign up July 21 via Aug. 12. Perform is Aug. 18 and 20. Member Guest: Cancelled.

PROPOSED Modification TO SMGC BYLAWS: Has been posted on bulletin board in lounge. Be sure to verify it out.

CHAPMAN #2 JUNE 3: 1. Lower Gross: 1st Tori Gallagher and Excitement Smith. 2nd Wendy Pfeifer and Bob Smith. Minimal Net: 1st Sharon Stoesser and Tom Maguire. 2nd Robin Nash and Mel Scott. Couples KP #4 AM Janice Beck and Del Jordan. 2nd Robin Nash and Mel Scott. #6 1st Debbie and Abundant Cruse. 2nd Morag Abbott and Doug Blair. Lengthy Putt #8 1st Marja and John Gillan. 2nd Linda McCall and Joe Massaro. Men’s KP #7 1st Excitement Smith. 2nd Dennis Brosowske. Females KP #9: 1st Marja Gillan. 2nd Janice Meek.KP #2 Females: Joan Carter. Males: Ken Miller. Supplemental Awards: 57 for lower nets, 20 for inside the circle, and 29 for on the eco-friendly.

CONGRATS TO MARJA GILLAN: Marja acquired a gap-in-1 on #9 for the duration of the Chapman, making use of a pitching wedge from 82 yards. As they say in Scotland: Way tae gang.

SPRING MATCH Enjoy Outcomes (Top rated 2): 32 gamers commenced off in two flights, and neither rain nor the gloom of working day saved these gamers from swift completion of their appointed rounds. A Flight: Winner Invoice Miller. 2nd Ron Reeves. 3rd Bob Smith. 4th Ken Rose. A Flight Consolation: Winner John Knudson-Martin. 2nd Steve Blake. 3rd Mel Scott. 4th Joe Massaro. B Flight: Winner Monthly bill Kuyper. 2nd Dan Coughlin. 3rd John Brewer. 4th Jack Vogel. B Flight Consolation: Winner Rod Sacconaghi. 2nd John Kammann. 3rd and 4th Tie! Not completed.

WHY YOU ARE Lacking PUTTS WITH THE FLAG Adhere IN: It is very basic. It’s because of a blend of Isaac Newton’s second legislation of motion in which a system will go in a straight line right up until acted up, and Charles De Coulomb’s Legislation of Magnetism, in which like charged objects will repel each and every other. To the relaxed observer, if a putt is skipped you most probable misread the eco-friendly. However, the genuine cause is each the golfing ball and the flag adhere typically have like costs, so when the ball gets near to the flag stick, due to the forces of mother nature the ball will veer away. Which potential customers to the subsequent axiom: “Golfing is exciting, the other 50 % is putting.”

— Submitted by Ken Rose, Summerfield Men’s Golf

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