May 17, 2022

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Social Media Conundrum (Portion III)

This is the 3rd aspect of the 3-aspect series Social Media Conundrum in Goa Chronicle. if you have not browse the first & next pieces revealed in Goa Chronicle, be sure to do so:


The 1st section delved into the root problem i.e., censorship of articles/people by Social Media businesses (esp. Twitter/Fb), the causes behind the very same and why censorship in Social Media who have monopoly/duopoly is perilous. The 2nd portion analysed why Government of India (Govt)’s new regulation will not handle this muddle. In this column we will glance at the way ahead to handle the recent predicament of suo-moto censorship by Social Media platforms.

Do Nothing at all:

As elucidated in aspect 2, the most cited class of censorship by Social Media platforms is this: articles that is abusive/defaming persons, group, communities. The very best way ahead for this category is to do absolutely nothing. Of course, you read through it proper.

As eloquently substantiated in the 2nd component, abusive is incredibly subjective and it is particularly arduous to verify abuse and almost unachievable to arbitrate specified the scale of Social Media content. Provided this, the ideal way to cope with abuse is do nothing i.e., the Social Media system in dilemma (Twitter, Fb, Koo and so on) will have to not censor any information dependent on grievance/report from customers.

So, what are the solutions for people/groups who truly feel abused/defamed?

Nevertheless at surface area stage the recommendation of absence of suo-moto censorship by Social Media platforms might appear a little bit unfair on these who truly feel subjected to alleged abusive content, it is not essentially so. Essentially this requirements to be looked in the context that it is nearly difficult to arbitrate & censor abusive written content in a reasonable fashion given the subjectivity & scale. Supplied this reality, the end users/teams who experience/understand that some content material is abusive from them have 3 selections:

Retort again: They do the option to retort back again to the publish/remark/tweet in problem with their counter views. Should really they use counter-abuses as aspect of the retort back? Nicely, they are absolutely free to select do so but it is not the most optimum alternative. not only mainly because it will snowball the duel into a slugfest but also (& far more importantly) because it will drain their positive electrical power.

Dismiss: This is the golden selection i.e., not to squander electrical power on these articles that they really feel is uncharitable. There are indeed a lot of accounts/handles in Twitter/Fb who continually disregard troll/abusive written content – they carry on to target on sharing their views. It is plausible that this conduct could give the other side i.e., individuals/camp who trolled, a short-term sense of victory. BUT quite before long this fake gratification fizzles out due to absence of response from the other facet. Why? Mainly because unlike bodily damage, verbal assaults/troll shed their potency in the absence of reaction or counter-abuse. So, in the prolonged run, this ‘ignore’ behaviour muzzles out the putting force of the trolls.

Well, this is not all and there is 1 more dimension that add credence to the ‘ignore’ tactic – societal behaviour. Akin to the law of averages, a bulk of frequent individuals in basic are inherently great – this applies across areas, languages, countries, faiths and affluence amounts. So why is this relevant? By and substantial, bulk of the human modern society have innate beneficial bias (say a delicate sympathy or regard) to individuals who constantly really do not have interaction in detrimental/abusive despite provocation. Of system, there are persons & groups who persuade trolls, but they are a seen minority in the broader human culture. For this reason this societal conduct together with the ‘dampening of troll thanks to lack of reaction’ stated previously mentioned can make this ‘Ignore’ tactic the finest in the lengthy operate.

Sue: Beneath legislation they do have possibility to file a circumstance towards people/team(s) that produced the allegedly abusive content material in concern. As comprehensive in 2nd portion of this sequence, it will be enormously tricky and disproportionately costly (time) for courts to adjudicate such cases and the scale will only make it practically not possible.     However, if a person choses this option, till & except the court of legislation orders the Social Media platforms to take out the content in problem, Social Media platforms should have no purpose to participate in i.e., not censorship from their close.

What if the written content is of prison/illegal nature?

Well, there are govt companies who are now getting care of this. Say if some material encourages or encourages violence, law enforcement organizations have powers to legally intercept and charge the content originator and also buy the Social Media platform to censor the information in dilemma. The same applies for other styles of material that entice felony motion ranging from sharing protected/private info to trafficking and so forth. The very important facet to retain in brain is that this kind of steps must be taken by Government agencies who are answerable to judiciary – Social Media system will have to not choose suo-moto censorship which is the root trigger of the latest predicament of arbitrary, unfair & unexplainable reduction of flexibility of expression. At best Social Media platforms can be requested by Authorities agencies to flag possibly legal/illegal content material to them.


As chalked out via the 3 areas of this post sequence, suo-moto censorship by Social Media corporations is a burgeoning pickle more so because of to their monopoly/duopoly perform. GoI’s new IT regulations will not maintain water as it is practically unachievable to arbitrate censorship disputes offered the subjective mother nature of troll/concerns and the humongous scale. A pragmatic way forward is to mandate ‘no self-censorship’ by Social Media platforms. Censorship will have to be authorized only when requested by means of formal channel by Government – even this need to be topic to appeals in court of regulation to reduce misuse by the ruling parties of the day.

Sundar Rengarajan is a voracious reader, has a aptitude to analyse, discussion & produce on a wide variety of subjects including client tech & socio-economics. He is an IT chief by job and now heads the Information Science observe of a top FinTech agency: He can be arrived at at [email protected]